Thursday, January 15, 2009

Always In Style

Whether you have millions, pennies, or time, donating to charity is always in style. Taking time to do anything for a charity will not only benefit the people you have chosen to help, but it will also benefit you and not to mention the community. Before I run the risk of falling off my soap box here are a few of my favorite local charities.

For those of you interested in the arts:

Arts for Humanity (AH!)

Arts for humanity, an arts outreach organization, celebrates humanity through the arts with programs that cultivate creativity and empower people with developmental disabilities, at-risk youth, the elderly and others in partnership with local artists and the Santa Barbara community.

AH!'s performing and visual arts programs benefit individuals and build community by giving a voice to the under served through the power and beauty of the arts.

AH! envisions a world where the arts are integral to our lives and accessible to all - a world where we celebrate both our differences and commonality through the joy of creativity.

AH! has tons of opportunities for anyone wishing to get involved. So if you have a love for the arts you should share it!

For those of you interested in women's and children's issues:

Domestic Violence Solutions - Santa Barbara

DV Solutions is dedicated to providing safe and confidential shelters for battered women and their children throughout Santa Barbara County. Providing emotional support and personal advocacy to battered women and other women in crisis, enabling them to recognize strengths and resources within themselves. We encourage women to be empowered to be free to make choices. Playing a leadership role in effecting social change by educating the community, by associations with other social change groups and by supporting the work of women's rights organizations.

If you dig playing with children and being a shoulder to lean on this is the charity for you.

For those of you interested in food:

Food Bank Santa Barbara County

The mission of the Foodbank is to feed hungry people by obtaining surplus food and distributing it to member agencies who serve a wide spectrum of individuals and families. During 2007, the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County distributed over 7.3 million pounds of food from two warehouse locations in Santa Barbara and Santa Maria.

If food issues interest you then this is the organization you should help out. They are always in need of more helping hands.

If you know of any other great charities in the community please send me a comment so I can share it with everyone.

Cioa, Kristin R

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